Which Social Networks Are You Part Of?

Social networking has eventually become crucial for surviving (!), and it seems there are endless posibilities as to finding the right ones to be part of. For me, it all started with Facebook about two years ago. My friends tried to convince me to sign up, and I finally gave in. Since then, Facebook has developed in to a commercial monster, and I hardly log on anymore. But still, Facebook was where it begun. My interest in social networks has only grown since then, and I tell you, there is a cornucopia of social networks out there. But which ones should you be a part of? It is a jungle. I’d like to take you through the social networks I’m a part of, and also mention a few that I’ll never be a part of.



Twitter is for me the most important social network. It is the place for me to share links to great articles, ask questions about software or design related stuff, and lots of other stuff. If you’re not a member of Twitter, you’re falling behind. Twitter is the fastest growing social network ever with an increase of unique visitors of almost 1400 % in one year. That’s crazy, and the number speaks for itself. Sign up now!

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I think I can surely say, that you’re a member of Facebook. If you aren’t—good for you! Facebook has over the last year become more and more commercial. Oh, and there’s also this thing about them owning your pictures (which they, as far as I know, are changing) and using them in advertisements. Still, Facebook is probably where most of your friends are. And in the end, it is a great way of keeping in touch with long distance friends, or just knowing every step they take. A couple of my friends have deactivated their Facebook accounts (you can’t delete it), and I’m considering following in their footsteps, but I don’t think I’m ready yet…

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Until recently, I haven’t really used Flickr as much as I want to. Flickr is a great way of sharing your photos with your family and your friends, or with the world. Flickr became attractive to me the minute I found out that users with free accounts suddenly were able to create more than three sets, a feature that until then only was available for users with pro accounts. I’ve searched for similar photo sharing services, and there’s a lot of different alternatives to Flickr, such as Picasa, Zooomr and Fotonauts, but I just don’t think that any of them can live up to the features and the high standard of photos at Flickr.

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Vimeo is my new favourite social network. The cool thing about Vimeo over e.g. YouTube, is that it consists of only original videos. The design of the site is amazing, and it’s incredibly easy to use. It’s not as big as YouTube, hence not so immense. There’s a lot of great stuff for inspiration there, and you should definitely check out the Staff Picks channel, where some amazing videos can be found.

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I only recently discovered Dopplr, a place to share you travelling experiences and plans. It allows you to plan your trip into details, and find other people who are going the same places as you. You can invite people to follow your trips, so you can keep them updated while you’re away. I haven’t tried this while I’m travelling yet, but I’m looking forward to this summer where my wife and I are spending a month in the states. Who know, maybe Dopplr will come in handy?

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LinkedIn is mostly for work related stuff. It’s a great place to meet new or future colleagues, and some have found their new job through LinkedIn just by knowing people who knows people, who knows people, who… You get the point! Use LinkedIn to build up a large network, and make sure you’re introduced to other peoples’ bosses—maybe they’ll hire you. LinkedIn is you professional identity online, contrary to e.g. Facebook which is… Well, not so professional.

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Social Networks I’m Not a Member Of

If I should pick one social network, that I know for sure I’ll never be a member of, it has to be MySpace. It is very infrequent I find a well-designed MySpace profile. It’s just all too confusing to me. I’ve tried using and similar, but they just never fell into my taste. I like owning my own music. i use this, Wakoopa, and other equivalents, are not my style either, but hey, maybe someone like them…

That’s about it for me. Now it’s your turn! Which social networks are you part of? And why? Which social networks will you never sign up to? And why? Please leave you comment below!

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