Dribbble Invite Giveaway

Some time ago, I was drafted to Dribbble. Other than being a great place for inspiration, Dribbble is a good opportunity to discuss my work with other designers — which has been both fun and educational. I would like every designer to experience this — unfortunately, I only have one invite.

All you have to do is follow me on Dribbble and post a comment below including the following:

I will decide who gets the invite in a week or so. I also tweeted about the invite, but got surprisingly few replies, so now I’m trying here.

… and the winner is

Thanks for the great submissions! The invite goes to Adomas, who submitted three awesome shots that really stood out. Be sure to check out his Behance portfolio as well — wicked good stuff! And now, also visit his Dribbble profile.


Leave one yourself

  1. If I could get a Dribble Pro page then life would be just peachy! But I think I missed your opportunity… but if it ever comes up again :) Think of me.

  2. I would like to get a Dribbble invite :)

  3. Hi, Peter!



    Why should you pick me? Because I’m good and I want to be even better. Because I’m versatile. And I’m going to stay active on Dribbble.

    Thanks you for consideration!

  4. Eric Fernandez

    July 30, 2011 at 11:29 pm


    I would an invite to dribbble. It’s a fantastic community and I think it would greatly improve my design. I love looking at everyones work and reading through the feedback and tips. I think dribble needs more character designers!

    Here’s my profile:

    Here’s some of my work: – My clothing company’s logo. – Tuff-n-Stuff Character Design – Self Portrait

    Please feel free to check out my websites:

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  5. Hans van Wijk

    July 29, 2011 at 4:10 pm

    Sorry for a second comment but was checking my comments and saw i forgot my prospect link of Dribbble:

  6. Hans van Wijk

    July 29, 2011 at 4:08 pm

    I have been designing for two years now. I’m currently participating on Forrst and Behance. I love these communities because it helps me improve my skills. I love Dribbble in particular because the work is outstanding and the members are honest and professional. I love the small thumbnails because that way you can collect very specific feedback or show a special part of a project. I did learn a lot, but know my skills can skyrocket and Dribbble would be a great place to share, learn and meet great designers.

    It is really difficult to choose three project, so i will show you three very different project.

    I know you specifically asked three thumbnails, but if i caught your interest you could see more:

    Thank you for this opportunity and good luck selection the best/winner.


  7. Ah, the rigorous draft combine! I’ve been prepping and am here to compete. Here are my stats:

    Dribbble account:


    As for reasons why to draft me: I’m involved with Dribbble a lot, but can’t ever comment or help critique. So much of the feedback is “looks nice!”. As someone who works with students on design, I can bring a level of enhancement to community input in a constructive way.

    Plus, I think my style is a bit unique and would add to the flavor of the community.

  8. Hey,

    dribbble is one of my favorite communities. It would be a great honor for me to show off my works on dribbble, along with other great designers. Furthermore dribbble would give me a great chance to improve my skills and gain feedback.


    Shot 1: (Full view: )
    Shot 2:
    Shot 3: ( Dev7Studios is using it as an official theme for their NivoSlideshow )

    Thanks for this opportunity. (:

  9. Hey Peter, thanks for holding the giveaway, regardless who wins, it is appreciated!

    My favorite part of design is the feedback and advice I get from others, and that’s why I enjoy dribbble so much. It’s always awesome seeing these great pieces of work and read the comments, because that alone helps me strengthen my design, and I know it would do wonders if I was actually in the drivers seat and taking the advice given to me.

    My links to my top three:
    1. (website and logo design)
    2. (logo design)
    3. (hometown olympics poster)

    Thanks again for you consideration!


  10. Tyler Pearson

    July 28, 2011 at 6:20 pm

    Hey Peter,

    I noticed your tweet and figured I’d give it a shot as I’d love to join the community that has already given me so much inspiration over the past year or so. I live in an area mostly devoid of designers, so it’d be great to get feedback from fellow designers through the web.

    I put up three shots from a few recent projects at My Dribbble account is

    Thanks for your consideration — I really do appreciate it!


  11. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity. Below is the required information:

    dribble Account:

    Three best shots:

    My website can also be viewed at: for a look at my web design.

    For years now I have cultivated my artistic awareness and technical skill in the realm of graphic design. This summer I have spent my time learning and practicing, when it ends I will return to the pursuit of my graphic design degree, and once I have obtained that I plan to make this passion of mine into my source of income.

    Nevertheless I still have a tremendous amount to learn, and I can think of no better place for that to happen than in a community of skilled people whose passion for art and design rivals mine. I hope you can help me make this happen, and I look forward to your reply.

Thank you for your time and this opportunity.



  12. Hi,
    First of all thanks for the opportunity !
    Here the link to my dribbble account :

    And here 3 little screen of my work
    1. ( logo design)
    2. (background of my twitter & tumblr account )
    3. (& i’m also learning digital painting)

    And here a short explanation of why you must choose me :
    First of all because i love the dribbble community and i think i’m not the only one :)
    I don’t know if i have the “French touch” but i’m french and a little bit of french in this community won’t be bad for the diversity.
    Same world, different country, different culture… (You know what i mean ?)
    Otherwise i’m still considering my self as a newbie although i’m working in this industry and i think that i’ve so much to learn and here were i work i’m the only web designer i’m cornered with developpers so i’m in need of some good critic not that i found that their critic is wrong but sometime good critic from people in the same industry is a plus (critic from expert and non expert is important don’t get me wrong :) ).

    Well i’ve so much to say lol but i think that i will stop here since it’s a short explanation. Sorry if i say too much.

  13. Hello Peter,

    I would also love to get a Dribbble invite, it’s so nice to give some of yours !

    Sadly, I don’t have yet a lot of works, but I give you a link to my web design portfolio (which is not finished yet, I’m working on it and all should be done within a week), please click on my name.

    I know this is not a lot and you would prefer giving an invite to someone with more work to show, but it would be really nice if you could ask a friend to do so if you can’t.

    Dribbble is a fantastic community, I spend hours and hours looking at all the shots ! I’d really like to be a player.

    Thank you for considering my request.


  14. Dribble:
    1. full:
    2. full:

    Why me? Because I’m not bad illustrator and great web-designer.

    Thanks in advance to take the time to consider me.

  15. Hi, Peter! I would love your Dribbble invitation. My address is: .

    1. Then please read the instructions again — you need to include a link to your three best shots, as well as explain why you should have the invite.


  16. P.P.S. apologies for polluting your comments, I forgot to reference my Dribbble prospective ID. –>

  17. Greetings Peter and thank you for the opportunity! I would love to be a part of Dribble community, since I am at a point where I am really starting to practice a lot more and Dribbble is the absolute best way to get feedback and share the love.

    Please, go ahead and check out my most recent works. :) (shortened links lead to DeviantArt)


    P.S. I am currently a member of LoveDSGN so if you feel more at home there you can check me out @velchevski.

    Thanks in advance!